Welcome to Punk Ska Press!

Posted on November 16, 2010


Thanks for checking out Punk Ska Press, a blog dedicated to music news, reviews and opinions. I’m a weekly columnist for 411Mania Music, and in the New Year I’ll be taking over as Deputy Music Editor of my university’s magazine.

Anyway, Punk Ska Press will be my platform to rant about music in general, with strong ties to the third wave ska scene and contemporary punk. Some of my main influences in the genres range from classic bands like Social Distortion, established bands like NOFX or Against Me!, and fresh acts such as Mad Caddies or The King Blues.

There’ll be a lot more content appearing on PSPress over the next week, so keep checking back. So far, there’s an interview with The King Blues, a review of Better Left Alone self-titled E.P. and a poll to vote on the first big editorial piece for the site. Plus, there’ll be links to everything I write for 411Mania as well.

If there’s anything you think could improve, let me know. I’m working on getting a proper banner sorted to smarten the blog up. Spread the word, ride the wave.

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