Frank Turner to be featured as first editorial, and general site news

Posted on November 18, 2010


Keep a look out over the weekend for a piece appearing on Frank Turner. I’ve just checked the voting, and Turner’s winning with 3 votes, to Alkaline Trio‘s 2. Against Me! and NOFX both have just one vote. I’ll leave it open for another day or so, until I write the article, so if you want a feature on any of the above, click the link and vote.

Thanks to everyone who’s been reading since this started. This only got set up on Tuesday, and already I’ve had around 130 views. The views may die out, but hopefully you stick with this, because I definitely will. I’ve got an interview with Frank Turner actually pencilled in for the start of December, so I’ll do my best to get that published on here as a full feature, which should be great.

I’ve also sent out a few e-mails to try to get some more interviews with a few great bands. It’s still early days, obviously, but I’ll be doing my best to feature the best acts around, either via reviews or interviews, if I get the luck.

So, take a look around. We’ve got news featuring Patrick Stump, blink-182, Paramore’s new video and more. We’ve also got my first thoughts on the new My Chemical Romance album (out Monday) and Better Left Alone’s self-titled EP. There are also a couple of exclusive interviews I did last year with The King Blues and Stone Gods, so check them out.

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