Key Tracks: Frank Turner

Posted on November 18, 2010


As a bit of a recurring feature on Punk Ska Press I’m going to take a band/artist and list some of their key tracks for anyone looking to get into them. These will be by no means definite lists, it’ll just be whatever tickles my fancy when i sit down to write it. There may be other songs I prefer, but these are the ones that sprung to mind.

For the first edition, I’m going with folk-punk singer/songwriter Frank Turner. I’ve written about Turner at length on 411Mania although I’ll be adding some more detailed reviews of his work on here over the coming weeks. Anyway, in no particularly order, here are 5 Key Tracks by Frank Turner:

1. “I Still Believe” (Rock & Roll)

Frank’s love letter to rock n’ roll, this is a live favourite already, despite the E.P. isn’t even out yet. Instantly memorable, it’s a great folk track with lyrically punk-rock roots that shows why Turner is becoming one of the most exciting artists around today.

2. “District Sleeps Alone Tonight (The Postal Service Cover)” (The First Three Years)

This is admittedly a cover, but I think it contains some of Frank Turner’s best vocal work, and arrangement. More often than not, Turner does a great job of making covers his own, putting his unique twist on them. Here, it’s just great vocal work, combined with a simple but effective guitar accompaniment. This live version isn’t his strongest performance, but the emotion is fantastic.

3. “The Fastest Way Back Home” (Poetry of the Deed)

It took me a couple of listens to really get into Turner’s last record Poetry of the Deed, but this is one of the tracks that sold me on it. Turner has a knack for a relatable ballad, and this is a great example that he’s not lost that over the last few years.

4. “A Decent Cup of Tea” (Sleep Is For The Week)

One of Turner’s most poignant, relatable and moving moments, this is the typical story of a boy being in love with his girl best friend. It’s highly relatable, and is a tale of the girl using the guy as a shoulder to cry on when she’s hurt by every other guy. Then, she never realises how he feels. It’s displayed with such charm here, and whilst it’s a darker moment in his back catalogue (musically, rather than lyrically), it still stacks up against the catchier tunes as one of his best.

5. “Long Live The Queen” (Love Ire & Song)

This was the track that got me into Frank Turner originally, and still stands as one of by absolute favourite songs (in general, not just by Turner). It’s a beautiful tribute to Frank’s friend Lex, who unfortunately lost her battle with cancer. It’s a simple but stunning tune that sounds absolutely incredible live.

Cheers for reading, leave your thoughts below. Enjoy the rest of the site, and stay safe.

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