The Measure [sa] – Notes Review

Posted on November 19, 2010


I was recently introduced to The Measure [sa] by an old school friend who recommended their latest album Notes, which came out last month.

Notes by the Measure [sa]I’ve got mixed feelings, as this record treads a line between recommendable and almost great, and ordinary. It varies from track-to-track, resulting in an almost inconsistent record.

It’s not that the style of the music varies, as The Measure [sa] know their sound, recognise their strengths, and run with them. More often than not, it works, but there are times on Notes where it becomes a bit boring.

Comparisons to bands like The Lawrence Arms are not unfounded, and The Measure [sa] fit perfectly into the current punk scene in the States. The almost indie feel to their riffs (particularly on “Fear of Commitment”) gives another edge to their music, rather than always feeling stagnant.

They have an understanding of what makes a good punk song as well, which is clear on “Sigh”; catchy chorus, simple progression, upbeat riff and a decent breakdown. It’s all here in one of the best tracks Notes has to offer.

One critism would be that the vocals aren’t particularly melodic or clean, but with this genre of punk they don’t have to be. The Measure [sa] follow the style of punk set out by big names like The Vandals or Screeching Weasel, and it works.

It doesn’t necessarily make it something fresh, but more punk like this is never a bad thing at all. The album does stall a bit with “St. Kathleen” and “The Polotics of Sound”. The latter is a bit of a change of pace, but feels a bit messy in execution, particularly the percussion.

Overall, this is a fine effort from the band who could become a bigger name in the scene over the next couple of years. Tracks like “Criticsm” and “Unwritten” really stand out as some of the better punk songs I’ve heard this year, even with collections from NOFX being released, so The Measure [sa] are really a band to look out for.


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