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Posted on February 25, 2011


Justin Collier from Man Overboard took some time out on tour  with Senses Fail to answer a few questions about the new 7″ The Absolute Worst and how the tour’s going. Check it out.

Man Overboard

Man Overboard

Punk Ska Press: How has the tour with Senses Fail been going?
Justin Collier: Amazing! They are awesome people and the shows have been super fun. Siked to be back in the UK after our amazing headline tour in December with Transit and All Or Nothing.

PSPress: Are you looking forward to being back in the USA next month?
JC: YES! We haven’t toured the USA except for a short 4 day tour with H2O in forever so we are really excited to get back to playing shows in the USA.

PSPress: What’s the difference between fans here in the UK or in the States?
JC: Fans are fans, no matter where you are…. theres different types of people no matter where you go…. as long as they are having fun then we are cool with them

PSPress: Is there a different mentality to playing a support slot as opposed to a headline show?
JC: Yes, for sure. When you are headlining you assume most people there know your songs and you play a longer set. When you are supporting you assume that most people do not know who you are and you are trying to gain new fans.

PSPress: Are you looking forward to the release of the new 7”?
JC: It just came out and we are super excited! Seems like some people like it…

PSPress: What can fans expect from it?
JC: two songs! one new one old!

PSPress: Would you consider it a teaser for the next full length?
JC: Yes for sure – the new LP will be out hopefully in September!

PSPress: How do you feel about the reaction for Real Talk?
JC: It was awesome! Our fans really seemed to enjoy it so that is all we can ask for.

PSPress: From the name of your website (Defend Pop Punk), it’s clear the genre means a lot to you. Who inspired you, within the genre?
JC: Bands like Saves The Day, Taking Back Sunday, New Found Glory, etc and bands that operate with integrity are the bands that inspire us.

PSPress: Are there any other contemporary bands in the genre you would recommend to people?
JC: YES! you should go check out this amazing UK band called Basement. They released an amazing EP, Songs About The Weather on City of Gold Records in the UK and Lost Tape Collective (our label) in the USA. They just signed to Run For Cover and are currently recording an AMAZING new full length. Check them out!

PSPress: It seems like things have moved fairly quickly for Man Overboard since 2008. Would you agree?
JC: Yes for sure! When I look back at the amount of ground we covered in that time, its just insane really.

PSPress: How would you describe your sound to somehow who wasn’t familiar with your material?
JC: Pop Punk from New Jersey

PSPress: Do you prefer the writing/recording aspect of music, or the live side of it?
JC: Both have benefits and fun/not fun aspects so its hard to pick.

PSPress: Where would you like to see Man Overboard in 12 month’s time?
JC: I’d love to be on tour supporting our new LP that will be out in September with some rad bands!

Punk Ska Press would like to thank Justin for giving up some of his time on tour to send over these answers. More information can be found at the Man Overboard official site. A review of their 7″ The Absolute Worst will be on Punk Ska Press over the next couple of days, so keep checking back.

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