Review: Man Overboard – The Absolute Worst

Posted on February 28, 2011


The Absolute Worst

The Absolute Worst (7")

Bit of a brief review this time round, but it’s for a brief but brilliant release. Man Overboard very recently released a new 7″ vinyl The Absolute Worst.

Despite obviously just being two songs, it will definitely bring in a few new fans who may hear the title single or the b-side.

“The Absolute Worst” starts with a brilliant riff and explodes into an archetypal pop-punk song.

The bass-line is brilliant, the melody infections and the production beautiful, making for an all-round fantastic song.

“I Saw Behemoth And It Ruled (electric)” is, not surprisingly, an electric version of an acoustic track that appeared on Man Overboard’s 2010 EP Noise From Upstairs.

Honestly, the slightly barer and rougher acoustic version is a bit better, but it’s nice to hear a full band version.

It’s a good choice for a b-side, being familiar but fresh, and complements the A-side well.

Overall, this is a solid 7″ release that’s worth picking up, and acts as a nice teaser for Man Overboard’s next album.

Check out Punk Ska Press’ Man Overboard interview, and leave your thoughts on The Absolute Worst below.

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