Album Review: Beans On Toast – Trying To Tell the Truth

Posted on December 6, 2011


Trying To Tell The Truth album art

Trying To Tell The Truth album art

Beans On Toast - Trying To Tell The Truth

Beans On Toast has returned with his anticipated third album Trying to Tell the Truth, the follow-up to 2010’s Writing On The Wall,

Produced by good friend Frank Turner, the album sees Beans On Toast (Jay) move away a little bit from the basic, slightly repetetive, 3-chord nature of his first two records.

Thankfully, the production remains true to the gritty, DIY nature of the singer’s sound, and fans will be relieved to hear that there isn’t a huge departure in his style.

His rough, raw vocals are highlighted on the likes of ‘Trainsong’ which is reminiscent of tracks of his 50-song debut Standing On A Chair.

Beans On Toast excells with his lyrics, perfectly complemented by the simple melodies enhanced in turn by his course voice.

Subjects dealt with range of buying new shoes (‘New Shoes Blues’), natural disasters (‘Can’t Take Another Earthquake’) and being on the road (‘Tour Blog’), all done with his charm and wit.

The production has been a talking-point for Trying to Tell the Truth, particularly with Frank Turner’s recent rise towards the (dare we say it?) mainstream.

Turner ensures that the charm and tone of Beans On Toast’s earlier material is always present, polishing it slightly without losing its edge.

The likes of ‘Peter Pan’s Playground’ show the development of Beans On Toast’s music, as he audibly progresses without losing anything that made his first two records so great.

Must-Hear: Peter Pan’s Playground, Blowjob For THe Blues, Free Nights of Riots

Rating: 3.5/5

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