Here I’ll collate various references, shout-outs and testimonials from employers, PRs and artists I’ve worked with in the past.

“Good guy, good writer.” – Frank Turner (singer/songwriter)

“Alistair has helped pioneer Female First’s readership to new, unforgettable, regions.

His ambition and professionalism to create a good story, or interview, has lead to him manufacturing numerous news/interview articles regarding some of the biggest acts in the industry.

His hard-work and communication have helped make him a delight to work alongside and I would thrive at the opportunity of working with him again.” – Lewis Abbey (Media Essentials, Audience & Audio PR)

“Our homeboy @AlistairMcG is looking for journalism work. If you need a writer, you could do worse than working with this fella!” – Barney Boom (Sonic Boom Six)

“Alistair has reviewed and interviewed many of my clients, both on UK tours and at major festivals. He is always a pleasure to deal with, asks great questions and is one of the journalists my bands look forward to talking to. His live / CD reviews are always honest, fair and well-written and I can always count on him to turn an interview into a great feature.” – Emma Watson (FifteenThree PR)

“Mr Alistair McGeorge has worked at First Active Media Ltd [Female First] since 31st May 2011, during his time he has proved to be a resourceful, creative and productive employee who has consistently produced high quality.

Alistair works well as an individual to achieve his targets, but also is an excellent team player who requires the minimum of supervision.

Alistair has an excellent attendance and punctuality record during his time at First Active Media Ltd.

It is with regret that we are no longer able to employ Alistair but in the future should we have the opportunity…we would do so without any hesitation” – Stephen Reay (Director, First Active Media/Female First)

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